Wow, where has 2016 gone? I can’t believe we are five days away from a new year. Words can’t describe how wonderful, yet tough, this year has been. The beginning of the year started off with a “bang” by going to some good concerts with family and friends that allowed us to worship the Lord. March started a few months worth of having surgeries that in turn helped with me being diagnosed with the Crohn’s disease. The summer came and brought tragedies. My last great grandma to be alive passed away in May, which was just as tough as the loss of my oldest great grandma two years ago when all of my health issues began. If only they knew the exciting things that have happened since they went to be with the Lord, but I know they are looking down and watching us right now. Loss turned into joy towards the end of the summer, though. I was able to donate my second toy box to the continence clinic at Nemours, as well as observe in the surgery department with my surgeon and his colleagues. He allowed me to take on the opportunity to spend the day with him in the OR during
my last week of summer vacation, and I had a blast seeing what it was like to treat patients in the operating room, as well as in the hospital with getting to see cancer
and NICU patients. The same day I observed for 12 hours at Wolfson, I was also awarded “Female High School Volunteer of the Year” at our summer volunteer party at Nemours. I started my second to last year of high school a week later, and received my class ring representing my years in school. The holidays came around,
including my 17th birthday, and time was well spent with friends and family. Through it all, God has been present, working in my life as well as my family’s. We have seen good and bad days. I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for 2017. Whether exciting or tragic, I know He is faithful and knows best.

How has your year been? Take some time to reflect on the events that took place in your life during 2016. How can you take those moments and improve them next
year? Is there anything you would change, or is your life where God wants it to be?

No matter what you are going through, pain or joy, God is right beside you. He loves you and wants the best for you. Choose to embrace His grace and truth in 2017. Don’t leave Him behind in this year that’s coming to an end.

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