Story 1:

A couple weeks ago, I was at the beach with my parents, taking in God’s beautiful creation and the peaceful sound of the waves rolling in and out. To the right of our tent was a young group of friends ( two girls and a guy) who were having a great time hanging out and playing with their puppy that they had brought with them. The dog would run around, and he eventually ran over to a different group of people who happened to be there for a church function. The dog’s owners walked over and had a nice conversation with the people that he had meandered to, and after a while, they let the dog stay with the strangers while they went surfing.

Sounds like a great little story, right? Keep reading…

A few minutes later, I look up to see that one of the girls from the group was being carried from the water to where she and her friends had their umbrella and chairs set up. She couldn’t walk, and when they sat her down in the chair, she passed out. Her nose started bleeding, and a lifeguard rushed over to help. Her blood pressure was low, and the next thing we see is a group of lifeguards hauling her off to be taken to an ambulance.

Story 2:

Last week, I read a post from Christian artist Josh Wilson who wrote about one of his guitarists, Nathan. Nathan and his wife, Megan, gave birth to their first child last Tuesday. Megan had a history of heart problems which led her to having a heart transplant when she was just 23 years old. The doctors said that she was perfectly fine to have a baby. So, the delivery went smooth and everything worked out great. Megan had no issues. About six hours later, she started having complications, and shortly after that, she passed away, leaving her brand new baby motherless and her husband wifeless.

Both of these stories start out on a great note. Life is going smoothly, and everything is as normal as can be. Then tragedy happens, leaving these two stories with unfortunate and heartbreaking endings.

The reason why I am sharing these two experiences is not to write a negative blog post, but to share hope and wisdom through them.

Wisdom in the fact that life is a vapor. One minute things are going well, and the next minute we could instantly be put in a situation of pain, horror, and even death. In James 4, it talks about us submitting to God and humbling ourselves before Him. It also says in verse 14, “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” The motivation and encouragement that we can get out of this is to live life to the fullest. It doesn’t matter what your peers say. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t good enough or pretty enough. Why? Because you are good enough and pretty enough for God. Nothing we can do could measure up to God, but despite that, He loves us anyways and wants us. Live the calling that He has put on your life to the fullest. Do your best, and have fun doing what He wants you to do. Don’t waste another second of your life doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing. Submit to God and walk humbly in His footsteps, living your life 100%. Life is too short to keep things at 50% or even 99%. Keep your passions and your love for Christ at 100% because one day, the game will be over and you won’t have any more chances to do things the way you could have if you would have just followed God in the first place.

Along with wisdom, we can have hope. Hope that even in the good times, God is still faithful, and when things take a turn for the worst, God is still faithful and good. In my last blog, I wrote about God being our strength when we are weak. I talked about the thorns in the flesh and how God brings hope and joy through them. The same applies in this post. No matter your struggle, no matter how bad life may be, God is still amazing, and He will bring light into your darkness. I don’t know how things ended with the first story I shared, but in the second story, I can say God is already working and moving in Nathan’s life. Within just four days, over $400,000 were raised to keep Nathan off of the road for six months so he could be with his daughter, Eilee. Now, money can’t buy back the joy and pleasure found in having a wife and mother to spend the rest of life with, but God has used so many people already to impact Nathan. Through his story, God has also impacted other people. When we take our hurt and pain and give it to God, He will do wonders. Rely on Him because their is hope. Our lives aren’t meant to be lived in the here and now, but they are meant to be lived in order to look forward to the Hope of the future when all sorrow will be gone for the follower of Christ. Megan ran her race, and she fought her fight. She made it to the finish line, and now she is no longer suffering. Fix your eyes heavenward. That’s where the true Hope is found.

Life is precious, so choose wisely what you will do with it.

Additional verses:

Job 7:7

Psalm 102:3

James 1:10

1 Peter 1:24

1 John 2:17

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