Over the weekend, I traveled from Jacksonville, Florida (my hometown), all the way up to Nashville, Tennessee for a college tour. The trip all around was very enjoyable, and I really grew to love the city and areas surrounding it. In the midst of the sightseeing and touring, though, a burden that has been on my heart for a while enlarged itself as I now am at the crossroads of making a decision about my future.

I came home with even greater questions and concerns, which has left me uncertain about the choices I need to make for college that will in due time lead me to the ultimate destination of a career. I continuously prayed, begging God to just show me something new. While sitting in my room, alone and doubtful, my dad sent me a song that I had never heard before from Christian singer Ellie Holcomb. The song was called “Red Sea Road.”

The song talks about dreams that we make and the uncertainty of our future. It fit perfect with how I was feeling at the moment and how I still feel now.

After listening to the song, I wanted to go back and read about Moses and the people of Israel in Exodus 14. The children of Israel had several encounters with Pharaoh and Egypt, and in this instance, Moses had taken them away to encamp by the Red Sea as the Lord had told him to do. Pharaoh found out, and his heart was hardened by the Lord, causing him to take charge and go after the people of Israel. The people wished they had stayed with the Egyptians rather than taking part in what they thought was their eventual death, but God had a plan.

God wanted to prove to the Egyptians that He was God, and He was going to deliver the children of Israel. He told Moses to stretch his rod over the waters of the Red Sea, and in doing so, they parted, allowing the people of Israel to pass through.

When they reached the other side, the sea closed back up, and the Egyptians continued to go after the people. Instead of the Egyptians conquering the children of Israel, God conquered the Egyptians by seeing them to their death in the sea. The people saw the dead Egyptians and feared and believed in the Lord and Moses.

What I got out of this is that simply, God has a plan. Maybe you are stuck right now, feeling trapped in doubt, uncertainty, failure, etc. and not knowing what the future is going to hold. You could be in my situation, feeling stuck at a crossroads and under the captivity of not knowing what to do. God has a plan. We can often be like the people of Israel and think that if we just do this or that, our lives will be fine, but no, God has a bigger hand in the story, making a way for things that we didn’t think were possible. The people thought that if they just stayed with the Egyptians, their lives would have been better off, but that’s not what God intended for them.

Who can part the waters of a sea but only God Himself? He will part waters in your life, making a clear path for you to walk through so that when you get to the other side of the sea, you will look back and see all of the closed and opened doors that led you to where you are at or where you will be in the future.

Don’t give up. Don’t just believe in God when the good outcome happens. Believe in Him now, trusting and knowing that He will show you what He has in store in His timing, and when it gets too hard to fight, remember Exodus 14:14 which says, “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” Your faith may be tested, but ultimately, you will find victory in Christ, knowing that the outcome will be worth the wait.

Psalm 27:14 – “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

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