If you’re like me, you like to have everything in order and in place, and if something goes wrong or things don’t go smoothly, you hit the panic button and worry about everything.

This morning, I hit the panic button that sent me into an episode of stress while I was driving to school.

I got out the door at a decent time in order to make it to school right when I needed to be in my first class of the day, and my timing of getting there was going well for the most part. As I got up to the traffic light to turn onto the on-ramp to get on the interstate, though, there was a police officer blocking the lane and another officer blocking the ramp, so I could not get on and go my normal route.

There were other ways I could go, but immediately I went into panic mode, calling my dad and asking him what I should do, as well as complaining to him that I was going to be late to my class on the day I was supposed to give a little presentation.

I made a U-turn and took a detour route, and in the process, I missed a street I was supposed to turn on, which caused me to have to make another U-turn that added to the stress I was already in from not having an easy morning.

This may sound like a cheesy story, or something that everyone goes through daily anyways when it comes to traffic problems, but it was just one of those days that the last thing I wanted was for things to not go the way they should have been like normal.

Sometimes in life, we take detours, especially in our walk with God.

Maybe you are on a detour right now. Perhaps life was going great, but you got in with the wrong group of friends, and now you are turning every which way, trying to find the street that leads you back to being on the right track. Some of you may have had a tragic event happen, and now you are depressed and have resulted to drugs, alcohol, and other worldly things in order to try to cope with your situation.

Spiritually, maybe you aren’t a Christian, and you’re miserable. You’ve been going so long, trying to find the missing piece to the puzzle of your pain. You rely on friends, social media, and other things to fill the void, but you’re still left feeling empty and hollow inside. Maybe you are a Christian, and you haven’t been praying and reading the Bible like you should. You stopped going to church altogether, and you feel like you’re too far gone to get back on the right road.

I’ve been there. Not in the sense of resulting to drugs, alcohol, etc., but spiritually, I’ve gone through periods where I felt like I’d never find a way back to the road I belong on. I grew up going to church, and for years, my family and I stopped going until God used health needs to bring us back to Him six years ago.

There is hope. You don’t have to stay on the detour. You can come running like a prodigal back to your Heavenly Father who created you, whose arms are opened wide, waiting for you to embrace Him again. That emptiness you’re feeling, the missing piece you’re trying to find, it will only be found by coming to God. He’s the one who fills your empty cup, calls you by name, and can be placed in your heart to complete the puzzle if you just accept Him in with full surrender.

Life with Jesus is the best. It’s not always easy, but in Him, there is a hope that you can find no where else. He leaves a permanent imprint of joy where temporary happiness cannot stay. He leaves peace where worry and shame are. When you are in panic mode, that is when you know you need to look up because taking a detour will only lead to delay after delay in your life. God is always right on time.

The prodigal son that Jesus spoke about in Luke 15:11-32 thought that he could do life on his own. He took his inheritance and blew it, resulting in a little job of feeding nasty pigs some slop. The son realized that he took a wrong path, and his father waited with arms opened wide when his son decided to come back home on the right road.

There’s no distance too far that God can’t reach you. Any where you are, God is there. He’s never left you even when you feel like He has. He’s still faithful even when we’re not. So come back home. Stop traveling on the detour that has left you in a mess for so long and turn around, going back to where you belonged all along in the arms of God. He’s waiting. All you have to do is turn around.

Read: Luke 15:11-32




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