Have you ever held a rock in your hand, gripping it so tight that it can’t fall out? Or, on another thought, have you ever scooped up sand in your hand, watching it fall through your fingers to quickly be left empty-handed?

In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus spoke about a parable of a wise man whose house was built on a firm foundation. When all aspects of nature occurred, the house never fell or was moved. Jesus also spoke about a foolish man whose house was built on dirt, or sand. When the floods and rains came and when the winds blew, the house fell and crumbled to the ground. Its foundation wasn’t strong, leaving the property barren.

The parable was told in order to teach a lesson.

Our lives are either built on a solid foundation (Jesus Christ), or they are built on a foundation that washes out fast (Reliance on ourselves and others).

What is the first thing you do when something doesn’t go your way, or when you are struck with something that is completely different than what you intended or wanted to happen?

For a lot of people, including myself, our automatic reaction is to panic, worry, fear, and doubt. Another task is added to your list and pile of endless work, and you get anxious, trying to figure out how everything will get done.  The job of your dreams turns you down, and you’re left wandering in an empty desert that goes on for miles and miles. You applied to the college that you’ve always wanted to get accepted to, but they cut you short by informing you that you didn’t get in. A family member is sick, you get in a car accident, or you lose a family member or close loved one. The possibilities are endless.

There is so much that goes wrong in our eyes in life, and instead of reaching out and grasping the Rock (God), we take hold on things that leaves us empty, barren, worn out, burnt out, stressed out, and dry. We have our lives set out in front of us, and when one thing takes us off of that track we’ve made, it’s like our whole being is falling apart.

As a result, we look to our friends, family, drugs, pills, alcohol, food, money, etc. to fill in the spaces in order for us to cope, still feeling the need for more and more. We play a broken record in our minds, trying to figure out how to fix things on our own.

In Matthew 11, John the Baptist was in prison, feeling discouraged and in need of a reminder of hope. He had two of his disciples go to Jesus after hearing of His works, and Jesus told John’s disciples to go back to him and tell him the things which they saw Jesus do. Jesus wanted them to show John that there was evidence of who He was by what He did and that there is hope in Him through His power and of that in which He did miraculously for others.

Just like John was in prison, a lot of you may feel like you are being chained down in shackles. You are barred in by prison walls, and you feel like there is nothing left for you. The fear and worry haunts you day in and day out, and you don’t know what to expect next because you’re so afraid.

Jesus offers hope.

In Psalm 62, David said his soul waited upon God. He didn’t find peace in gold or in any other thing. His hope was rooted and anchored in the Rock and only the Rock. Though odds were against him, David never let his faith waiver or move.

Cling to the Rock and not to anything else in this world.

When fear tries to cripple you, make it a priority and habit to automatically fix your eyes back on Jesus. When things don’t go your way, know that God has something far greater in store, and in the waiting, your faith will be strengthened all the more while you are at peace.

Be like David. Be like John. Be the one who doesn’t let the grains of failure, rejection, fear, worry, stress, anxiety, insecurity, etc. seep through, leaving you empty. Be the one who holds to the Rock and never lets go because when you do that, your hand can’t hold onto anything else. The Rock is steadfast and fixed. It is never shaken, and neither will you be.