Have you ever seen a bird fly into a window, making a sudden landing, and not being able to get back up?

Yeah, well, I had the privilege of witnessing that a couple of days ago at work.

I heard a thump and saw something fly into the window, and I looked down to see a stunned bird flapping around on the ground, struggling to get back up and functioning like normal.

The bird had eventually disappeared, and the next day, it was there again, looking stunned and stuck and lying still on the hard, hot sidewalk. As I kept watching the bird, a buzzard flew down, inched up to the bird, snatched it, and flew away with it.

More than anything, I was shocked at what had just happened, and I thought about the bird and what it had experienced for the last 24 hours of what it had left of its life.

Not only did I think about the bird, but I thought about us, as human beings…

So often, we run ourselves down. We take a big hit, fall, and end up paralyzed, not knowing how to get back up and live life to its fullest again. That’s where our enemy wants us. Stuck. On the ground. Looking around, lifeless.

Whether you have made a mistake (big or small, they’re all the same), dragged yourself into an addiction (drugs, alcohol, pills, sex, porn, etc.), were just diagnosed with something you wish you could get rid of, or are struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, etc., you don’t have to stay in the state you’re in. It’s when we stay where we are that the devil will come up and snatch us, just like the buzzard did to the little bird. When we’re snatched up, we’re allowing the devil to let the world take full control over our lives.

Yes, you took a wrong path that ran you into the ground, but you can have a renewed life. You can look up versus looking around. You can have feeling and life again when you look up to God and give Him everything you are going through. He will pull you up and make you new. He will make a way to get you out, far away from where you are now.

1 Peter 5:8 says we are to be sober minded because of the enemy who is on prowl, waiting to snatch you up and take you away. We are to be alert. The bird became alert right before it was snatched. After that, it was too late. It is never too late, however, for your life to be turned around for the better.

Keep your eyes fixed on Christ and you won’t run yourself down. You won’t become paralyzed, and you won’t be snatched up. Even if you think you’ve already blown it, though, it’s never too late to get back on the right flight path.